Lorcana Organized Play Begins on Saturdays in September!

Play Lorcana on Saturdays!

Lorcana Organized Play begins on Saturdays at 12:00 pm, beginning Sept 2nd! For now, we will be doing a series of casual “Leagues”, with actual tournaments starting later this year. Each “League “ will run for a series of four Saturdays. Players will play casual matches and earn points to win exclusive promo cards, pins, and more!

League 1: September 2nd – September 23rd

League 2:  September 30th – October 21st

In an effort to keep things casual and fun, we will also be raffling off some extra goodies, including Lorcana booster packs and locally-made acrylic lore trackers! Organizers will also be on hand to teach the game if you just want to learn. 

How it works:

Each League will run for a series of four weeks. Each week, players will be paired up to play some casual matches of Lorcana (up to 3 total) and will be able to score points in a variety of ways. At the end of the four week period, players will receive exclusive Lorcana League promo cards/ pins based on points earned over the four week period:


Participate in Saturday League day – 2 pts

Play a game of Lorcana (even a demo!) – 1 pt

Win a game of Lorcana – 1 pt

Wear a piece of Disney-themed clothing/ gear to a League Day: 1 pt

We will also be raffling off some goodies each week to League participants, including a few Lorcana booster packs, locally made acrylic Lore Trackers, deck boxes, and more! You can play in any or all of the four weeks for each League, even if you miss some!

Cost: The cost for league play each Saturday will be a $10 Credit Swap (you’ll get $10 in store credit back with your entry!).

Additional Notes: Players should have their own Lorcana decks to play with for the event. If you are just looking to learn, demo decks will be provided. While we are expecting a big restock of Lorcana later in the Fall, but we may not have any available for sale for the first few weeks of the league. The purpose of the League is to help build a community for Lorcana, introduce people to the game, and help new players get involved. If you are an experienced TCG player, please consider playing fun/ casual decks, and be open to teaching newer players the ropes to help them get going!