Magic Singles are Getting a Makeover this July!

Starting July 1st, we will be beginning the process of enhancing our Magic: the Gathering singles shopping experience with a new digital system! During the next few weeks of transition, we ask for your patience as we are working diligently to migrate our singles inventory, work out the kinks, and learn some new systems!

I’ll bet you have questions….

Will I still be able to shop for Magic singles during the transition? Absolutely! We will still be able to handle orders for singles like normal during this time. There may be some slight delays in service due to the the implementation of a new system that our staff will be actively learning, but will still be able to fill your singles needs during this time.

What will your new system offer? Once complete, you can look forward to being able to browse our entire inventory in-store or through our website and build your own lists with exactly what you’re looking for, right down to conditions and special versions of cards! For those that are used to submitting lists to us, you’ll still be able to do that, but now you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting, and you’ll be able to browse our entire real time inventory so you won’t be left guessing at the stock levels of the cards you’re looking for.

What about your other card singles? Our goal is to have all of our singles for Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and other games inventoried this way as well in the near future!

So we appreciate your patience as we work to take our TCG
singles shopping experience to a new level!


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