Altered TCG Pre-Orders NOW OPEN at Millennium!

Secure Your Spot in the Next Gaming Phenomenon!

Pre-orders for Altered TCG are now open, inviting enthusiasts to dive into a realm of strategic gameplay and captivating lore. Riding high on the waves of a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, which hit its funding target within two minutes, Altered TCG is poised to make its mark on the trading card landscape!

For those eager to get their hands on the action, pre-ordering offers the golden ticket to ensure they’re among the first to experience the new-new! Booster boxes and starter decks allow players to build their collection quickly, and align themselves with their favorite faction heroes through six distinct decks, each embodying the unique essence of its protagonist.

Six Starter Decks to Choose From — $13.99/each

Will you choose the Axiom deck, with Sierra & Oddball, the Bravos deck, with Kojo & Booda, or perhaps the colorful Lyra deck, with Nevenka & Blotch? The choices are as varied as the heroes themselves, with other options including the Muna deck with Teija & Nauraa, the Ordis deck with Sigismar & Wingspan, and the Yzmir deck with the mischievous Akesha & Taru, each offering a different playstyle and narrative.

Booster Boxes at the Kickstarter Price — $139.99

The release is slated during the heat of Summer 2024, but savvy gamers know that securing their pre-orders is the only way to guarantee their place in the fray. With demand expected to skyrocket upon release, pre-ordering ensures that enthusiasts won’t be left out in the cold when the day finally arrives. Pre-order your Altered TCG products today and get ready to rewrite the rules of engagement!