Get Ready for Battle: Upcoming Events for Battle Spirits Saga!

Attention all Battle Spirits Saga players! We have some exciting events to help kick off Bandai’s newest games. These events are meant to both celebrate the launch of the game, and for players to dip into the start of their competitive season!

First up, we have our “Early Adopter” tournaments on June 4th and July 30th. These tournaments are exclusive to stores who jumped in on the excitement of Battle Spirits Saga upon its announcement, and will have exclusive Collaboration Promos for entry and top players.

We also have two Store Championships on June 11th and June 24th. These events are for players who are looking for a challenge and want to compete for prizes and bragging rights. These will also have promos exclusive to the Store Championship events! Both our Store Championships will be capped at 32 players, so make sure to sign up in the Bandai TCG+ app to guarantee your spot!