Face Magneto And Other Villains In The Mutant Genesis Story Event!

Get ready to experience the ultimate showdown in Marvel Champions: The Card Game! On May 20th, join us as we celebrate the Mutant Genesis expansion with the Mutant Genesis Story Kit. This special promotional content will take your battles to the next level and give you a chance to upgrade your game with themed hero and villain hit point dials.

For just $10, players can enjoy three hours of intense gameplay from 12 PM to 3 PM. And that’s not all! The Mutant Genesis Story Kit also includes blind packs filled with extended- and alternate-art promo cards from the Mutant Genesis wave of products. Don’t miss this chance to add these exclusive cards to your collection! This event will be limited to 20 players, so make sure to preregister!

Get ready to face Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants as they launch their assault. Will you be able to rise to the challenge? Don’t miss out on this exciting event that’s sure to be a hit with Marvel fans. Join us on May 20th and experience the thrill of the Mutant Genesis story!

Preregister HERE!