Earn Your Invite And FaBulous Prizes At Our Proquest Season Four!

Face off and claim your invite on October 22nd!

Hear the crowd chant your name… Listen to the thunderous applause… it’s all up to you, brave hero! Fight your way through friend and foe to claim your invite to the next Pro Tour, one of the most prestigious Flesh and Blood events of the year. Only the strongest and smartest will survive long enough to get a chance to battle for greatness. Welcome to Pro Quest Season 4…

Join us on Sunday, October 22nd for this year’s Proquest! Players will compete for promos, playmats, and most importantly an Invite to the Pro Tour! This will be a Classic Constructed Event, with rounds based on the number of players, followed by a Top 8 to determine the final winner. Decklists will be required for this event.

Prizes will include the invite and a Gold Drop Foil for 1st, Top 2 will receive an “Alluring Inducement” Playmat, Top 8 receive a random Cold Foil Hero. There will also be store credit based on attendance! Bring your best hero and compete for all these FaBulous prizes!

Pre-Register HERE!