Compete For FABulous Prizes And An Invite To Nationals For Flesh And Blood!

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Come Join us Saturday, June 3rd at 11AM for our Road to Nationals tournament! This event will be Swiss Classic Constructed, with a Top 8. For $30, players will compete over cold foils, extended arts, store credit and an invite to Nationals! Prize breakdown includes:

1st Place: 1x Jubeel, Spellbane Cold Foil, National Championship Qualification

2nd-4th Place: Uzuri, Switchblade Coldfoil OR Riptide, Lurker of the Deep Coldfoil (random), National Championship Qualification

5th-8th Place: Uzuri, Switchblade Cold Foil OR Riptide, Lurker of the Deep Cold Foil (random)

9th-32th Place: Spinning Wheel Kick Rainbow Foil Extended Art Promo