Yu-Gi-Oh! Ghosts from the Past 2 Arrives Wednesday 5/4!

More Ghost Rares and Hot New Cards!

Ghosts from the Past 2: The 2nd Haunting is coming to Millennium! It’s got more of everything that made last year’s Ghosts From the Past a smash hit, including even more Ghost Rares! It’s not just the roster of Ghost Rares that’s expanded either – the drop rate has, too, so it’s twice as easy to pull a Ghost Rare this time around! On top of that, each box of the next Ghosts From the Past set has 4 packs instead of 3, giving you even more cards per box!

2022’s version of Ghosts From the Past is another all-foil set, and each 5-card pack comes with 5 Ultra Rares, 1 of which could be replaced by a Ghost Rare. Each box of the upcoming Ghosts From the Past comes with 4 packs, for a total of 20 cards per box.

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As an Official Tournament Store, you can pick up your Ghosts from the Past 2 right here a day early on Wednesday, May 4th!


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