Unfinity + Warhammer Commander = Huge Magic Weekend October 7-9th!

Two Hot New releases for Magic ….. on the same weekend!


Science fiction fun for everyone! This comedy sci-fi set features 244 new cards, about half of which will be legal for “Eternal” formats and some that are only for fun. Also included in this set are beautiful space-age treatments of basic land cards and the Ravnica “shock lands”

Unfinity Launch Party Events All Weekend!

We will be running events at the following times – Pre-register Now using the links below!

Friday 10/7 6:00 pm – $15 Booster Draft (3 packs)
Saturday 10/8 12:00 pm – $30 Sealed (6 packs)
Sunday 10/9 12:00 pm = $30 Sealed (6 packs)

Players will receive a Promo Water Gun Balloon Game just for playing in any Launch Party Event (while supplies last!)

Pick up your Unfinity Today!

The newest Un Set, Unfinity, brings attractions, stickers, and full art space shocklands!

Order your boxes today!

Commander: Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40k comes to Commander with four new ready-to-play decks featuring iconic art and characters from the 40K universe! Pick yours up in-store beginning Friday, October 7th!

To celebrate the release of these decks, the first 50 players that sign up for our Saturday Commander Night (with the Companion App) on Saturday, October 8th will get a 40K-inspired Promo Fabricate just for participating!


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