Pokemon: Paldea Evolved In-Store Pre-Release Event, Sunday May 28th!

Join us on Sunday, May 28th for a special Pokémon Pre-Release event for the new Paldea Evolved expansion!

Check out the new set early and participate in our In-Store Pre-Release event!

How it Works

Each player will receive a Paldea Evolved Build and Battle kit containing 4 booster packs of Paldea Evolved and a seed pack to help players build a deck for the event.

If you play in all three rounds you will receive an extra 3 booster packs of Paldea Evolved….just for playing!


Kits will be very limited, so Pre-Register HERE to guarantee your spot in this event!

A Pokemon Play! ID is REQUIRED to sign in for this event. If you don’t have one, click HERE to sign up!

Players MUST play all three rounds to receive their extra 3 packs. Players who drop from the tournament beforehand will not receive the extra boosters.