Millennium Games Wants to Bulk Up!

We are looking to buy bulk from multiple games!

Do you have a bunch of commons and uncommons laying around your house collecting dust? If you want to get rid of it, we will turn it into store credit for you to grab that sweet staple card or game you have been eyeing for a while.

Here are our current store credit bulk rates:


$4 per 1000 unsorted Commons/Uncommons
$0.10 per bulk Rare/Mythic*
$0.02 per Foil Common/Uncommon
$0.20 per bulk Foil Rare/Mythic*


Common/Uncommons: $.006 ($6/1000 cards)
Rares: $0.01 ($10/1000)
Reverse Holo Commons/Uncommon: $0.03
Holo/Reverse Holo Rares: $0.03
Break and GX: $0.25
EX and V: $0.50
VMAX: $0.75


Non-Holos: $5/1000

Holos: $40/1000

*If you are not sure what we mean by bulk rares or mythics, just sort all rares and mythics (including foils) into a pile and we will go through it when you get here. For higher value cards, we will make an offer based on quality and condition.

For larger collections, please give us a call at the store (585-427-2190) or email us at to schedule an appointment to bring in the collection.

We have the right to refuse any bulk purchase. All bulk must come in unsleeved and not in a binder.