Love Your Local Game Store Sol Ring Promotion Begins July 1st!

Step 1: Spend $50 or more on Sealed Magic: the Gathering Product

Step 2: Get a classic-bordered Foil Sol Ring Promo FREE!

The Love your Local Game Store Promotion is back and better than ever, this time featuring a beautiful, classic bordered Sol Ring to spice up your Commander deck (or decks!). All you have to do is spend $50 or more on Magic: the Gathering Sealed Product; and let’s be honest, you were going to anyway…..

  • Magic singles and events do not count toward the $50 purchase
  • Limit 1 Sol Ring per customer per day
  • This promotion is only available while supplies last

Supplies will be VERY LIMITED, so make sure to get yours on July 1st!


Jim played his first game of Magic in 1997, and the rest, as they say, is history.
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