Free Magic: Arena Events every Monday

Feeling the need to shuffle up and play some Magic? Millennium Games has an event designed to cater to both Digital and Paper Magic players.

Each Monday, we host a FREE Standard event on Magic: Arena. bring your standard format deck and jam 3 rounds of Magic. If you win 2 of your rounds, you will earn physical boosters of the most recent set! Its just like our normal Monday events, but at your computer.

Now you may be thinking “Well, I enjoy Magic for the fellowship and community. I want to talk to other players, discuss deck lists, and the social aspect. How can I do that from home?” And we have that covered as well. Millennium Games now has a Discord server for everyone to talk, share links and deck lists, and keep up to date on the event. We will post pairings and standings in the Discord server as well, so you can chat while waiting for pairings. It even has an audio channel for you to talk about the most recent match.

See you on Monday

First Round STARTS @ 6:00 PM! Entries will end at 5:55pm
Entry: Free!
Format: Standard Constructed with 3 rounds of Swiss play. Best 2 out of 3
Prizes: Most Recent Standard pack will be given to top finishers!
3 wins – 2 Booster Packs and one Promo Pack
2 wins – 1 Booster Pack
All prizes available for in store pickup. Please contact us if you need to make alternate accommodations

Mike Bauman