Sidewalk Super Sale – June 29-30, 2024!

On June 29, it will only be 179 days until December 25th… Why not get a head start on that holiday shopping???

Join us June 29-30 for our Sidewalk Super Sale! We will have tons of items on discount for the weekend, some will be up to 70% off! This is a great opportunity to get a leg up on that holiday shopping or try to find your next favorite game at a great price! Personally, I (Caleb) usually do my holiday shopping with only 10 hours left before the holiday, and due to the stress, I end up looking more and more like Gandalf the White…but significantly less cool… as if he showed up at the Battle of Helm’s Deep on the dawn of the 6th day.

Don’t be like me, don’t get so stressed out in December that you miss the Battle of Helm’s Deep.

Shop at our Sidewalk Super Sale on June 29th!

See you then!