Double Masters 2022 Preview and Launch Party Events!

Double Masters 2022 Lands This July!

The hottest set of the year arrives in July, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to check it out with our Preview and Launch Party events! These exclusive events will give you a chance to experience the new set and get a hold of sweet promos!

Play in any of the events below and snag BOTH promos, while supplies last! (Preregister to guarantee promos!)

Preview Draft Events

Check out the set a week ahead of schedule with three special Preview Events! We will be hosting one Booster Draft event every day during the weekendclick the links to pre-register and guarantee your spot!

Friday, July 1st – 6:00 PM (Draft seats promptly at 6:00 pm)

Saturday, July 2nd – 12:00 pm (Draft seats promptly at noon)

Sunday, July 3rd – 12:00 pm (Draft seats promptly at noon)

Entry into each event will be $50 and will include 3 packs of Double Masters 20222 for the draft!
Each event will be 3 Rounds – every round you win will earn you an additional Double Masters 2022 pack!

Launch Party Weekend

One last chance to experience Double Masters Draft on Saturday, July 9th at 12:00 pm. This event will run the same as the ones above ($50 entry, pack per win).


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