Commander Legends Releases 11-20

Commander Legends is coming!

Here’s everything you need to know about the hot new Magic set!

Commander Legends Releases Friday 11-20

The set will feature Draft boosters, Collector boosters, and two new Commander decks! 

Draft Boosters (20 card packs) -$6.99 each/ $149.99 per box (24)

Collector Boosters – $27.99 each / $299.99 per box (12)

Commander Decks (Green/ Blue and Red/ White) – $29.99 ea.

Anyone who Pre-Ordered Commander Legends product with us will be able to pick it up at our original Pre-Order pricing ($139.99/ draft box, $269.99/ collector box). Pre-Orders are now CLOSED.

Check out this LINK for a breakdown of all the sweet extras and awesome cards you can find in Commander Legends!

Due to severe allocations, the Mana Confluence buy-a-box promos have all gone to pre-orders and are no longer available


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