Come Draft Commander Masters A Week Early!

Four Drafts Across Two Weeks!

Come play Commander Masters a week early with our Preview Event! On July 28th and 29th, each event cost will be $60, and players will receive three packs of Commander Masters to draft. There will be a 32 player cap on each event. At 6PM Friday and 12PM Saturday, players will draft using the Commander Draft Rules. Each pack, players will take 2 cards instead of one, and players will build a minimum 60 card deck. In addition, all mono-colored legends will have Partner!

After drafting, players will be seated into random pods of 3-4 players. Players will play one game of Commander, with the winner of each pod receiving 2 packs of Commander Masters! Everyone else in the pod will receive 1 pack of Commander Masters, and everyone will get a promo copy of Disrupt Decorum!

7/28 Pre-Register Friday HERE!

7/29 Pre-Register Saturday HERE!

In addition, we’ll be holding two Launch Parties on release weekend! Both of these will follow the same rules as the Preview Events, and give players another chance to draft Commander Masters and get a copy of Disrupt Decorum!

Each event will have a 32 player cap, so make sure to Pre-Register to lock in your entry!

8/4 Pre-Register Friday HERE!

8/5 Pre-Register Saturday HERE!