War Machine Weekend Qualifier June 9th!

For the 3rd Year running Millennium Games has been awarded a full qualifying tournament berth into the WMW Invitational Tournament.

The 4-1-1:
9:30am Registration
10:00am Dice Drops

75 points MK3 Rules and 2017 SR scenarios.

2 lists. D&C 0. Buy in $20.00. Seating limit 48. (Opening up to 64 depending on demand.) NO SPECIALISTS.

Since this is a WMW Qualifier there MUST be an undisputed winner, so the tournament is 6 rounds. As such, this will be a two-day event.
Pre-submission of lists will be required.

Saturday: ROUNDS 1-4
Registration 9:30. Dice drop at 10am SHARP! A catered lunch will be provided.

Sunday: ROUNDS 5-6
registration: 10am. Dice will drop at 10:30am.

How to RSVP and secure your seat:
1) register for the event and submit your lists through Conflict Chamber at https://conflictchamber.com/?event=313

Click the link below to Pre-Pay and lock in your seat!


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