Start off the New Year with Marvel Crisis Protocol! Casual League Play Begins Tuesday, January 10th!

Welcome to 2023! Marvel Crisis Protocol was a hit in store last year, and we’re back with another casual league! This league is designed to get new players into this great game/ meet and play with other local players. It will last for 6 weeks, and end with a tournament in February!

Duration: 5 weeks, beginning Tuesday, January 10th. Players will play 1 game per week in-store and drop their worst week at the end, so only four weeks will count. Pairings for each week will be sent via email. Tuesday night will be the official league night, but games may be played at other times in the store if necessary.

Results can be submitted on our event software HERE!

Cost: $20. This covers the duration of the league and lets us hand out some cool prizes for players. This also includes use of the Game Room for playing league games.

Format: We will be using the current “Standard Format” for the game, including the current Banned/ Restricted List (FOUND HERE). The contents of just the Core Set and the 2022 Update Pack is enough to play!

Points will be awarded as follows:
Play a Game – +3 Points
Win a Game – +2 Points

Store Credit prizes will include:
Prizes for top finishers, based on total number of players
Favorite Opponent (Sportsmanship), as voted by the players
Best Painted Model, as voted by the players. Each player may submit one miniature to be voted on by the other players in the league.

Sign up in-store any time! Make sure to sign up on our event software HERE!

All this will culminate in a Crisis Protocol Tournament on Sunday, February 26th!