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Pokemon is one of the most popular card games. Going for over 25 years, Pokemon has been delighting kids and adults as a game to play or just to collect.

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Millennium Games is the best place to find your Pokémon products!

Millennium Games has been driving up and down Victory Road to find you the best Pokémon boosters and box sets!

Along with booster products like Elite Trainer Boxes and Pin Collections, we also carry accessories to help you sort, store, and display your Pokémon collection.

Our store is constantly receiving new products, but our inventory changes so quickly that we are not able to keep our products on the website. We encourage everyone to come in and grab the latest products. As a Pokemon Brick and Mortar Store, we are able to sell normal set releases the Monday before the official release date!

We Buy Pokemon Cards!!

We also buy and sell single cards! Classics like Charizard and Mewtwo fill up your 151, while new stunners like Rayquaza Vmax and our collection of Secret Rare cards will keep you up to date with the hottest trends. We are interested in both hot collectible cards and we also take bulk collections! We will not take sleeved bulk. If you have a large collection, email us at and we can set up an appointment.

Here are our Pokemon Bulk Prices:

Common/Uncommons: $.006 ($6/1000 cards)
Rares: $0.01 ($10/1000)
Reverse Holo Commons/Uncommon: $0.03
Holo/Reverse Holo Rares: $0.03
Break and GX: $0.25
EX and V: $0.50
VMAX: $0.75

Note: All prices are listed in Store Credit.