Play Something New Fridays August Schedule!

Our Play Something New Fridays Schedule for August

How it Works 

We will be teaching and playing a different Featured Game every Friday night! Beginning at 5:30 pm, we will be teaching our Featured Game for the week. We will have open copies available to play for the night.

We will be raffling off two open copies of the game at the end of the night to event participants! Additionally, the Featured Game will be 20% off during the event! 

The cost to participate will be a $10 Credit Swap (you’ll get $10 in Store Credit Back with your $10 entry). If you did the $10 Credit Swap already for All Day Friday Board Gaming, you will be covered for this event as well if you want to play!  

August Features 4 Weeks of Great Games from Oni Games!
Open copies of the games from each night will be raffled off among Play Something New participants!

Friday, August 6th – Space Battle Lunchtime

Renegade Announces Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game

Friday, August 13th – Tea Dragon Society + Autum Harvest Double Feature

Friday, August 20th – Aggretsuko + Gudetama Double Feature!

Friday, August 27th – Aquacorn Cove w/ Special Raffle!

We will be raffling off TWO Special copies of the Aquacorn Cove board game signed by the Artist!


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