Giants and Dragons, Oh My! Pre-Order Two New Books For 5e Today!

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Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants

On their journeys with Bigby, players will delight in uncovering new lore about the giants, including fascinating traditions and ancient legends about the giants’ beginnings. Plus, there are some character options for players to use to flesh out their characters (or springboard entirely new ones):

  • 1 subclass for barbarians
  • 2 backgrounds related to giants and their runic magic
  • 8 new feat options that evoke the strength and primal magic of the giants

Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants will have both a Standard and Alternative Cover, Pre-Order your choice below!

Standard Cover – $49.95

Alternate Cover – $49.95

The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons

The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons combines the very best content from three classic bestsellers: A Practical Guide to Dragons, A Practical Guide to Dragon Riding, and A Practical Guide to Dragon Magic. Fully updated with all the latest lore, this indispensable volume contains everything new adventurers need to know about the most iconic monsters of fantasy!

Standard Cover – $49.95