Miniatures Madness is Back! Saturday, July 10th!

Miniatures Madness Strikes Back

To celebrate the re-opening of our Game Room, we will be bringing back March Miniature Madness for a day of gaming demos and frivolity this July! This is your chance to learn the ropes of our finest selection of miniatures games and get involved in this fun and rewarding hobby.

Learn to Play

Interested in learning a new game or two? Participate in a FREE demo! Learn game basics, factions, flavor, and what you need to get started from our fleet of experienced miniatures gamers. Demos will last around a half hour.

The room opens at 11:00 am on Saturday, July 10th for demos! There will be no cost to participate (even our normal $10 credit swap to use the room will be waived). Demos will wrap up around 4 pm.

Check out these games on our demo tables!

Starter Product Discounts and Demo Coupons

Want to get started with a new game? Good news! Starter boxes for our various games will be on sale Saturday Only!

Participate in a demo and you will also receive a coupon good for one month that you can redeem for 20% off a total purchase for that game system (not useable with other discounts)!


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