Millennium Games Conduct and Rules

Here at Millennium Games, our desire is to bring you quality enjoyment where anyone can participate peacefully. To bring you an excellent experience, we ask that everyone maintain the following store rules:

  • Everyone is Welcome.
  • Keep our gaming space clean. If an accident happens, please notify an employee immediately.
  • Follow all event and game rules. Cheaters will not be tolerated and will result in being banned from the store.
  • Offensive imagery, including scandalous, hateful, or demeaning content, is not allowed.
  • No outside drinks or gum is allowed. Drink sales help maintain a free play space.
  • Keep all gaming friendly, respectful, and appropriate. Maintain youth-appropriate language while gaming.
  • Above all things, have fun and help others have fun!

The owners and staff would like to thank you for choosing Millennium Games as your Friendly Local Game Store. Stop in, de-stress from the weary world, and Play Something New!™