March Miniature Madness V – Saturday, March 18th! Learn a New Minis Game! Save on Starter Products!

March Minis Madness is back with more minis….and more madness on Saturday, March 18th! We’ll be featuring a number of special sales on miniatures starter products, as well as FREE demos for the best miniatures games we have to offer. Here’s what’s happening:

Demos All Afternoon!

Interested in learning something new? Today’s the day! We will be offering free demos all afternoon for our most popular miniatures games! Learn the basics, check out the miniatures, and you could even win a free starter set! Demos will begin around 11:00 am and last until about 4:00 pm.

Here’s What We Will be Featuring:

Learn the hot new Dungeons and Dragons Onslaught skirmish game with designer Nicholas Yu!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Warhammer 40K
Kill Team
Star Wars L:egion
Marvel Crisis Protocol

Demo a Game and Save Big!

Everyone who participates in a demo will receive a special voucher! This voucher will be good for a one-time 20% off discount on any products for that game system! These vouchers will be good for one full week after the demo event.

Sales on Minis Starter Products – Play Something New for Less!

In addition to the demo vouchers mentioned above, all Starter Sets for featured games will be 30% Off all day on Saturday, March 18th! This sale does not stack with the demo voucher discount.

Starter Sets Include:

Age of Sigmar – Harbinger/ Extremis/ Warrior starter boxes, Vanguard/ Start Collecting sets
40K – Recruit/ Elite/ Command starter boxes, Combat Patrols/ Start Collecting sets
Kill Team – Moroch, Nachmud, Core Set
Legion – Either Core Set
MCP – Core Set
Battletech – Beginner Box, Core Set, Alpha Strike boxes
Onslaught – Core Set


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