Millennium Board Game Days – Saturday, January 25th!

Millennium Board Game Day will be a monthly board gaming meetup that will allow our customers to connect through gaming at an all-day board game extravaganza! We will be featuring board game events, demos, raffles, and open gaming all day long once a month. Here’s what you can expect:

  • All Day Board Gaming – Reserved tables will be available for board gaming from 10:00 am – 9:30 pm! Bring your own games or join another group! We will also have a wide selection of games from our demo library that players can try out, free of charge!
  • Events – As part of Millennium Board Game Day, we will be running events for a variety of games, complete with promo materials for players! Many of these games will be from Asmodee’s new seasonal Organized Play kits. These games will be changed monthly, so be on the look out for upcoming event announcements. These events will be free with entry! December’s Game will be Captain Sonar.
  • Demos – Learn to play a few of our favorites with our Board Game Day staff! We will have some featured games to teach each month!
  • Raffles – Every month, we will be raffling off a game to one lucky participant! Extra promo items may be given out to players as well.

New Players – New players are welcome and encouraged! We will have staff available to welcome you to the event and help you get set up with a game or a demo. This event is a great way to get introduced to our local board game community or spend some fun time with friends and family!

Cost – The cost for Millennium Board Game Days will be a $10 store credit swap, meaning you will get $10 in store credit back with your entry to spend on anything in the store, including snacks, drinks, and games!

Our next Millennium Board Game Day event will be Saturday, January 25th! Follow our FACEBOOK PAGE for future Board Game Day announcements!


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