Grow Your Army Alongside Everyone In Our Warhammer 40k Escalation League!

Take Your Combat Patrol To the Next Level!

Starting Tuesday September 12th, Millennium Games will be hosting a Warhammer 40k Escalation League! Both new and experienced players can join in on this fun way to build your army. The first week players will start at 750 points, then every two weeks players will meet back, adding 250 points to their army. After 12 weeks on November 21st, players will have a 2000 point army at the end of the league!

Entry will cost $30 for all league games and must be paid before the week 1. Pairings will be done through the Longshanks Web App, which players can register on HERE for pairings after they’ve signed up in store! Army lists will be submitted to by the Monday before each game. League Games will happen during our Warhammer 40k Miniatures night every Tuesday!

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the league to:

Best General 1st-3rd Place (W/L, Victory Points Scored)
Best Painted (Voted by Players, 3 Favorites Ranked Ballot)
Best Sportsmanship (Voted by Players, 6 Opponents Ranked)
Best Overall (Combined W/L, VP Scored, Best Painted Votes and Best Sportsmanship Votes.)