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If Millennium Games has one unique feature, it would be our dedication to board games. With over 2,000 unique titles in stock, we carry games for every genre that could be imagined, and for every skill level of player. Our selection is so large, we have entire aisles dedicated to one genre of game.

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Board Game Aisles in Our Store

Take a look at the different selections we have below, and please remember – these are just examples of what you will find in our store. Some of the games listed below are our favorites, but you really have to come into the store to see how many different titles we have to for each genre.

New Board Game Releases

This aisle features the hottest games of the last three months. We keep extra space for our new releases so that we can stock them deep and have a copy ready for you when all the other stores are sold out. It is common for Millennium Games to have copies of a game when even the online retailers are empty.

Two Player Games

Looking for Games for just the two of you, or need a game to play while you wait for others to show up? Our aisle of Two Player Games is full of great 1v1 experiences like Onitama, 7 Wonders Duel, Patchwork and Quarto.

Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson Games
Steve Jackson Games specializes in Munchkin.

The time honored tradition of stabbing your friend in the back right as he is about to win has come to define the game Munchkin, and Millennium Games has over 100 different products for the treasure hunting folk. We carry so many versions of the game, that you will need to cheat with both hands just to carry them all. Steve Jackson also brings you great tongue-in-cheek humor with Illuminati, Chez Geek, Zombie Dice, and more.

Cooperative Games

For anyone who has friends that do not want to lose, our Cooperative Games sections puts the players against the board itself, instead of each other. A great section for families and all very easy to learn since everyone is working towards the same goal. Some of the best known cooperative games include saving the world.

Help prevent a global health crisis with the Pandemic series, try to escape a haunted mansion in Betrayal at the House on the Hill, or delve into the eldritch mysteries of Arkham Horror. We also feature a special section of Cooperative games with a traitor element – Everyone looks like an ally, but secretly someone is plotting your demise as they lie through their teeth.

Family and Party Games

Family and Party Games
Our Family and Party section contains games that go up to 8 or 10 players – perfect for holidays.

Have you ever been lost for something to do at a family gathering? Or are your friends interested in board games, but aren’t ready for that heavy strategy game yet? Family and Party Games are full of easy to pick up games that a good for small groups of four up more for larger gatherings.

Here you will find the awesome Telestrations – a game that combines Telephone and Pictionary. Cash n Guns will have everyone pointing their foam pistols at each other as they fight for the money of a huge bank heist. Dixit brings out the creativity of the young mind and pairs it with the history of experiences.

Villainous has you play as Disney villains, each scheming their own way to victory. Kingdomino and Calico are each tile laying games, where you make patterns to score points.

Adventure Games

Pick up your sword, bow and staff as you adventure through the caverns and hills of these Dungeons & Dragons style games. Unique characters and huge maps of corridors and castles will keep your attention lock in for not just 1 session, but over the course of an entire campaign of multiple weeks.

If your friends are not quite into writing out their character on pencil and paper, this is where you want to bring them. Battle through the epic campaigns of Descent: Journeys in the Deep, survive on an spaceship full of aliens in Nemesis, and travel through Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings: Journeys Through Middle Earth. If you want an epic adventure, try Gloomhaven, nicknamed the “world in a box” for its large, world building campaign that evolves as you level up your adventurers!

Best Sellers

Best Sellers Section

This is our bread and butter. Whether you have been playing board games for 1 year or 10, you have probably played, heard of, or desire these award winning titles. Almost every title in this section has won some of the most prestigious awards in our industry.

There are so many here to choose from that this entire page could start to list them. The standouts include Settles of Catan, 7 Wonders, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Wingspan, Root, Tiny Towns, Splendor, Tokaido, and Scythe. 

Used Board Games

Used Board Games Section
We also feature many used board games, starting at 50% off retail price.

Our used board game aisle is an ever changing section, with us getting different games almost daily. You’ll find newer games people have moved on from, or older games that may no longer be available. Our used games are at a lower price than normal retail, allowing those that are on a bit more of a budget to try out some games that they are unsure on. We also accept board game trade-ins. Bring in a board game in good condition and with all the pieces, and we will offer you store credit towards you next purchase – our store credit has no restrictions, so you can use it to purchase anything else in the store.