WizKids Manticore VIRTUAL Paint and Take Saturday, September 26th!

Our Manticore Paint and Take event is going virtual through Twitch! Pre-order your Manticore Paint Night kit, pick it up before the event, then tune in to our Twitch channel the day of for a live, four hour class event with our experts!

Here’s How to Participate:

Pre-Order your Paint Night Manticore Kit
HERE for only $19.99

  • Pick up your Kits beginning on Saturday, September 19th
  • Tune in to our Twitch Channel on Saturday, September 26th at 12:00 pm and join in on the fun!

The Kit

WizKids Manticore Paint Night Kit offers everything you need to paint your figure… right in the box! You’ll get:

– A WizKids Manticore pre-primed miniature
– A set of premium Vallejo paints, tailor-made for this event
– A set of brushes
– A water pot and a plastic pack that doubles as a palette

All for only $19.99!

Submit Your Questions!

If you have a question for the painters, please email the question with the subject line “Paint and Take Question” to paintingquestions@millenniumgames.com

We will be answering your questions during our stream. Anyone that purchases the Manticore kit will receive an exclusive phone number that you can text questions to be answered live!

Join us on Twitch!

Join us on our Twitch stream Saturday, September 26th at 12:00 pm and paint along with our experts live! We will be discussing all things painting, showing up close techniques, and showing you a variety of ways to paint this awesome mini!

Visit the Twitch Stream HERE

Even if you don’t pick up the kit (and you should…it’s an amazing value at $19.99!), feel free to tune in anyway! Grab something else from the store or finish that mini you’ve been putting off – all are welcome to tune in for the festivities!

The stream will start at 12:00 pm on Saturday, September 26th and go until about 4:00 pm!


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