The Next Wave of Magic Regional Championship Qualifiers Are Here!

The next Regional Qualifier will be at our new location! Format will be Pioneer and will take place on August 19th. Come play for a Regional Invite, Fabulous Promos, and Bragging Rights!

Entry will be $30 and all participants will get a promo Unholy Heat! Top 16 will get a promo Eldritch Evolution, with 1st and 2nd getting foil copies! In addition to the promos, Top 8 will also receive:

1st: $300 store credit and an invite to Regionals!
2nd: $150 store credit and an invite to Regionals!
3rd-4th: $75 store credit
5th-8th: $50 store credit

On top of all this, we’ll also have Jace, Perfected Mind pins for Top 8 and a Lanyard for 1st Place from Pinfinity!

Signs ins begin at 10:30 and Round 1 posts promptly at 11:00 am!
Pre-Register for August HERE