Welcome To… The Moon!


Citizens of Earth, we are facing a dire situation. Our planet is doomed. The fate of humanity is in your hands. . .It is no longer about preserving our way of life or our economy. Now, it is a struggle for our very existence. And our survival depends on our capacity to conquer the Moon. This conquest, the last hope of survival, we entrust it to you. You’ll be in competition with each other in order to give us the best changes of success. You will write a decisive page of our History by saving us all.

Welcome to the Moon is the last episode of the Welcome to. . . trilogy of games. After the residential housing estates of the 1950s , after the casinos of the 1960s, you will aim to conquer space. . .

Welcome to the Moon is an evolving and narrative flip-and-write game. It contains 8 different Adventures that form a complete story with an increasing difficulty level. You can play these 8 Adventures independently, or successively to play out your story.

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63 Starship Cards
48 Mission Cards
6 Dry-erase Markers
11 Cards for ASTRA Solo Mode
1 Dry-erase Captain Card
97 Cards for Campaign Mode
1 Campaign Book
1 Rulebook
24 Double-sided Dry-erase Adventure Sheets


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