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This Toolkit gives the gamemaster all the rules references they need to run a mission in the final frontier. It also gives players reference sheets for each of the roles in the Klingon Defense Force and on the bridge of a Klingon warship.

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This toolkit includes:

• A 4-panel gamemaster screen, packed with rules for the 2d20 system and reference tables needed during play.

• Stunning starship art wrapped around the outer sides of the screen.

• Six double-sided reference sheets including the actions of each role aboard a warship, Momentum spend reference tables, and conflict rules references.

• A complete standalone adventure for gamemasters to use as a one-shot mission or as part of a longer campaign.

• An A2-sized map of Klingon space with Klingonese labels, and on the reverse, a map of the Alpha and Beta quadrants, focused on the Klingon Empire.

This toolkit requires the Klingon Empire Core Rulebook to use.


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