SF Galaxy Exploration Manual


Your Guide to the Galaxy

What wonders does the vast galaxy hold? With the Galaxy Exploration Manual, you’re about to find out! This book has everything you need to generate infinite worlds – and then adventure on them! Start with an easy system for creating your own science-fantasy worlds, populate them with inhabitants and adventure hooks, and then use a new exploration system to dive into adventure. And don’t forget to stock up on new equipment and rules options to prepare your characters for their galactic escapades!

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Inside this book, you’ll find:

• A wealth of player character options, from detailed background generation to exploration-themed rules for every class, plus new creature companions, equipment, feats, spells, and more!

• A system for quickly generating and fleshing out infinite new worlds of your own design, from physical attributes and biome-specific details to a multitude of cultural aspects and adventure hooks.

• Advice and tools to help Game Masters run trailblazing, exploration-based sandbox games in a limitless galaxy.

• Toolboxes for enriching any science fantasy setting, from starships and treasure to settlements and NPCs.


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