SF DAP3 Dominion’s End


Upon gaining access to the hostile starship known as Ark Prime, the heroes find themselves immersed in propaganda designed to show the might and superiority of the ancient empire that launched the vessel eons ago. Once they break free of the brainwashing, they can fight past robots, holographic constructs, and alien supersoldiers awoken from stasis to confront Ark Prime’s evil AI. In the end, the heroes must decide what to do with hundreds of other sleeping citizens of a formerly dangerous civilization. Their important decision could affect the future of the galaxy!

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Inside this book, you’ll find:

• “Dominion’s End,” a Starfinder adventure for 18th-level characters, by Ron Lundeen.

• A catalog of technomagical relics from the ancient sivv civilization, by Larry Wilhelm.

• An archive of high-level alien creatures, including a powerful, transcendent kasatha and a gargantuan deep-sea nightmare, but Sasha Laranoa Harving, Patchen Mortimer, and Ron Lundeen.

• Statistics and deck plans for a massive robot-crewed carrier designed to collect data, by Ryan Gilmore, and a glimpse at a world enclosed by an impenetrable force shield, by Robert G. McCreary.


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