Return to Ravnica Booste Box


Display containing 36 Booster packs of Return to Ravnica.

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  • Return to Ravnica sends us back to the beloved realm of the massive cityscape by adding over 200 new cards to Magic: the Gathering.
  • With a city motif based on a planet covered in buildings and alleyways, Return to Ravnica focuses on the multicolored guild system and features many important cycles like Guild Lands, Shock Lands, Guildmages and Guild Leaders.
  • Five guilds — the White and Blue Azorius Senate, the Green and Black Golgari Swarm, the Red and Blue Izzet League, the Red and Black Cult of Rakdos, and the Green and White Selesnya Conclave — are featured in Return to Ravnica

Sealed Box of Return to Ravnica, Contains 36 booster packs.


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