Project Elite


Project: ELITE is a fast-paced cooperative game for 1-6 players who take on the role of members of an ELITE squad recruited to stop an invading alien force.

These fearless soldiers have been assigned several missions that must be fulfilled before their window of operations closes and time runs out. While the game itself controls the aliens and their activations, players engage in frantic rounds of real-time dice rolling that allow them to move, search for weapons and items, and fight against the incoming swarm of aliens.

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All infrastructures within the Solar System have been destroyed. The Mars colony has been wiped out of existence. The aliens from Proxima Centauri b have now reached Earth and, from their massive fleet hidden behind the moon, they rain down destruction with total impunity, performing mass abductions and destroying our research facilities at the first opportunity. They have been forced to abandon their home world, scorched by the sun, and they turned their eyes toward Earth, determined to seize it by any means. For the first time in History, humanity stands united against a common enemy. Only one hope for free Earth remains – Project: ELITE!


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