Night’s Watch Attachment #1


In their eternal vigil over the Wall, the Night’s Watch has battled terrors and barbarians from the north lands since the Wall’s founding. Their arsenal includes solid steel, hardened leather, and pure grit. None are more deadened to the horrors of war than the veterans that lead their junior Brothers in Black. These grizzled warriors have seen it all, and can keep their troops alive through even the fiercest fighting. Whether it’s against Wildlings and their inhuman troops or regular military from the south, the Night’s Watch stands a strong as the Wall they defend.

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10 Miniatures
‣ 2 Watch Captains
‣ 2 Watch Recruiters
‣ 2 Senior Builders
‣ 1 Hardened Rangers
‣ 2 Watch Marshals
2 Unit Cards
10 Attachment Cards
2 Special Rules Cards
2 Solo Movement Trays


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