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A guide to making your superhero team cohesive, dramatic and fun!

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The Superteam Handbook puts the focus on the heroes and their team, with details for players and gamemasters alike to make their team cohesive, dramatic, and fun! Heroes can work closer together than ever before with new, team-focused powers, advantages, and attack options. Eight pre-made hero teams—ranging from Power Level 5 to Power Level 12—serve as campaign-kickstarters, with guidelines, resources, and advice for running a variety of heroic campaigns, along with backgrounds and statblocks for their members to use as player characters, rivals, or villains. Will you save the planet as part of the globe-hopping UNIQUE, battle to keep the streets safe as one of the street-brawling Ferroburg Four, or take on ancient aliens from the cockpit of your own giant robot as a member of MagnaForce? Whatever you choose, be stronger than the sum of your parts!

  • Provides plenty of options for players to create their own teams, as well as eight pre-built teams they can step into.
  • Each hero team includes four pages of information about the team’s history, resources, and villains, providing a short campaign guide for gamemasters looking to run games with similar themes and power levels.
  • Every ready-made hero team includes advice for gamemasters to use the same team as villains rather than heroes.


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