Klingon Faction Pack


Today is a good day to die! The brutal honor-bound Klingons make another appearance with the Dahar Masters Kor, Kang, and Koloth joining Jadzia Dax to take down the sinister Albino. Wield a fleet consisting of all new versions of the K’t’inga Class, Negh’var Class, and B’Rel Class against the Albino and earn yourself a death worthy of Sto-Vo-Kor! Equip your ship with Concussive Charges to waylay your enemies or a Science Station to help you better figure out your opposition’s weakest points! If you’d like to take a more diplomatic approach, add Kamarag or Korrd to your fleet and negotiates your way to victory the Klingon way!

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8 Ship Cards
5 Captain Cards
5 Crew Upgrade Cards
4 Elite Talent Upgrade Cards
3 Weapon Upgrade Cards
1 Tech Upgrade Card
2 Ambassador Cards
1 Reference Card
4 Maneuver Cards
4 Mission Cards
4 Ship Tokens
4 Maneuver Dials
10 Captain ID Tokens
2 Shield Tokens
8 Effect Tokens
4 Pre-painted Plastic Ships
4 Plastic Bases
8 Plastic Pegs
4 Maneuver Dial Connector Pieces


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