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The Forest Dragon Bang & Twang is a fast and fun game of keeping up with an ever-changing piece of music, played by a variety of characters on a variety of characterful instruments from the world of The Forest Dragon.

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The musicians gather at crossroads and campfires across the forest. They produce their instruments, tune up and begin to play! They play tunes both weird and wonderful, with many a twang and bang from their array of amazing musical implements. As the tunes get faster and more complicated, the musicians wrestle to keep up and challenge each others’ musical ability.

The game centres around 3 double sided “riff cards” which provide a sequence of 3 symbols that changes in play. Players try to match these sequences from their hand of 2 cards.

There are also 24 cards that form a draw deck, containing 16 sequence cards which are matched and banked to score points. There are also 8 “special” cards which allow players to make special actions.

The game is customisable with several sets of special cards, which can be swapped into the deck to radically change the way the game plays. One set allows players to take cards from each other’s bank. Another allows extra turns to be taken, or to interrupt other player’s turns.


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