Art Decko


For some, collecting fine art is a hobby. For a select few, it’s a cutthroat world of buying, selling, and manipulating the market. Can you stay one step ahead of the other collectors and build the most valuable collection?

Art Decko is an artistic new take on deck building. The paintings are beautiful (and expensive) but can become more valuable as the game continues. Showing a painting in a museum increases the value of all works in that genre. All of the players who hold that type of painting benefit, but who benefits most? Players face difficult decisions on every turn. Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder when there is profit to be made with every potential move? Play Art Decko and see for yourself.

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75 Painting Cards
42 Gold Cards
16 Exhibition Bonus Tiles
20 Cost Tokens
46 Painting Genre Markers
40 Player Ribbons
1 Gold Market Rating Marker
1 Museum Game Board
1 Market Rating Board
4 Player Boards
1 Rulebook
1 Draw Bag


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