4D Settings Encampment


The Encampment set features over 30 items for you to customize and personalize your campaign setting. After a long journey, will your adventurers retreat to camp to rest for the next big adventure – or will this be only a moment of respite before the final encounter with an unstoppable enemy force?

Wherever your adventure takes you, this set will have what your players need to get some rest and ready themselves for whatever awaits.

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3 Wedge Tents
2 Lean-Tos
4 Bedrolls Rolled-out
2 Packed Bedrolls
1 Fire Pit
1 Spit with Rabbit
1 Fish on a Stick
1 Pot of Stew
2 Piles of Gear
1 Horse
1 Hitch Post
1 Stacked Pile of Chopped Wood
1 Haphazard pile of Chopped Wood
1 Stump with Axe
2 Lanterns
2 Chests
1 Gem Pile
1 Gold Pile
1 Guard Dog
1 Camp Table
1 Two-wheel Cart
4 Four-legged Stools


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