New Weekly Magic Events Added for 2020! See What’s New!

Beginning Monday, February 10th, we will be growing our weekly Magic offerings to include 5 new events! Our Friday Night Magic Booster Drafts will also be changing with a lower $10 entry (beginning January 31st)! Magic events are happening every day of the week here at the store for a wide variety of formats, from casual fare like our Free Standard and Casual Commander to more competitive offerings for Modern and Legacy!

Here’s a quick breakdown of our weekly events, beginning Monday 2/10

Monday 6:00pm Free Standard (Booster Pack prizes) Commander ($5 credit swap, Raffles)
Tuesday 6:00pm $10 Pioneer (Store Credit prizes)
$10 Legacy (Store Credit prizes)
Wednesday 6:00pm $10 Legacy (Store Credit prizes)
Thursday 6:00pm $10 Modern (Store Credit prizes)
$5 Standard (Booster Pack prizes)
Friday 6:00pm $10 Booster Draft (Booster Pack prizes) Commander Open Play (Free)
Saturday 5:00pm Saturday Night Commander (Promos for all)
Sunday 12:00pm $10 Modern (Store Credit prizes)
$5 Pioneer (Booster Pack prizes)

This new schedule will begin on Monday, February 10th!
Our $10 FNM drafts will begin Friday, January 31st!

Be sure to keep up to date with our EVENT CALENDAR for complete information on our weekly offerings and upcoming special events, including our revamped Premium Series 2k events beginning this Spring!


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