M:tG Phyrexia – All Will Be One Pre-Release Weekend February 3rd – 5th!

What is a Pre-Release?

You’ll build a 40-card minimum deck using the contents of a Pre-release Kit (6 booster packs and a special promo card). Win or lose, you get to keep all of the cards you opened in your Pre-Release Kit. You’ll also walk away with a special promo card – a foil-stamped Rare or Mythic card from the new set! Pre-Releases are your first chance to get a hold of the new cards a week before they go on sale!

Each event will be 3 rounds of play after deck construction. Go 3-0 and you’ll get 6 extra Booster Packs! Go 2-1 and you’ll get 3 extra Packs!

Click the links below to Register!

5 Sealed Events on Friday and Saturday!
Each event is $35

Friday, February 3rd @ 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM

Saturday, February 4th @ 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 6:00 PM

Two-Headed Giant Team Event on Sunday!
$70/team of 2

At a 2-Headed Giant (2HG) pre-release, each team gets two pre-release boxes for a total of 12 boosters and 2 promos per team. The players build two 40 card minimum decks from the combined card pool and basic lands (provided).

Sunday, February 5th @ 12:00 PM


Walk-ins will be welcome as well, but you can Pre-Register right in our EVENT CALENDAR (or the links above) to guarantee your spot in whatever time slots you want! Just click the “Get Tickets” link within the event to pre-pay and lock in your spot! Make sure you select the right days and times you want to play!

This event will be run using Magic’s EVENT LINK tournament software. Download the Event Link Companion App HERE! This will let you join events, report results, and more!

Preorder the new set now to guarantee your box!

BONUS: Enter to win a FREE Ticket to MagicCon Philadelphia!

As a WPN Premium Store, Millennium has the opportunity to give out 4 Weekend Will-Call Badges for MagicCon Philadelphia February 17th-19th! These badges will be raffled off during select Phyrexia: All will be One Pre-Release Weekend events! 

Here’s how it will work: When you play in one of the following Pre-Release events below, your name will be entered into a special raffle. You can either enter yourself into the raffle for a MagicCon ticket or, if you are not going to go to MagicCon, you will be entered into a raffle for some extra Phyrexia: All will be One product goodies!

Friday, February 3rd @ 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm

Saturday, February 4th @ 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm

One MagicCon ticket will be raffled off per the above events. Raffles for other products will be based on attendance and will be drawn at the beginning of each event.


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