Learn to Play Dungeons and Dragons + DM Workshop Saturday, October 15th!

New to Dungeons and Dragons? Unsure where to start? This day is for you!

On Saturday, October 15th we will be hosting a Learn to Play Dungeons & Dragons Day here at the store! We will help new players through the basics of character creation and game mechanics with some simple and fun one-shot games to help you get started AND we will have a Dungeon Master Workshop to give you the tools you need to run your own games!

$10 will get you in for the day for any of the festivities! Here’s what’s happening:

Learn to Play One-Shots – 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Get a seat in one of our learn-to-play one shot games! These games will last about two hours, and will cover all the basics for the game, including:
– Character creation
– Combat mechanics
– Playing your character
– Role-playing and interacting the world and your party

These one-shots are designed for NEW PLAYERS and will be very basic by design. If you are an experienced player or just looking for a one-shot to play, these sessions may not be for you. We would encourage you to check out our D&D Adventurer’s League nights every Wednesday for a more complete experience!

DM Workshop Q&A – 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

After a break for lunch, we will also be hosting a DM Workshop to help you level up your Dungeon Master skills and create cool and engaging games of your own! We will be featuring a guest panel of experienced DMs to help give some insight on how to run a great campaign for your players! They’ll be covering anything and everything from world building and creating engaging characters to creating puzzles and challengers to keep your players guessing.

This panel will be very Q&A-focused, so bring your questions, too! We’ll open up questions for anyone who wants to attend…..so come prepared!

$10 will get you in for the entire event! Do both the Learn to Play and Workshop or just the one that appeals to you the most! The first 20 sign-ups will get an exclusive promo dice bag as well!

You must Pre-Register a Ticket to guarantee your spot. Space will be limited!

Grab your pre-reg tickets HERE!


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