Free RPG Day – Saturday 6/25

Free RPG Day is Almost Here!

Join us on Saturday, June 25th and help us celebrate Free RPG Day! There will be exclusive Free RPG Day swag, a variety of one-shot RPG games, and some cool sale goodies!

Free RPG Day Swag Table

We will have tables filled with Free RPG Day goodies from a variety of the best publishers in the business! These items will be FREE for our customers to celebrate Free RPG Day (limit 1 of each item per customer). Check out some of the cool items that will be available HERE

One-Shot RPG Games in the Afternoon

We will be running a variety of fun one-shot RPG adventures during the afternoon! Some of these will be run using some of the never-before-seen Free RPG Day content! Check out the games we will be running below!

Click the names to register for the game and reserve your spot! $10 will get you in for a whole 3-4 hour session and will go straight to pay for our DM’s time! Each game will allow a maximum of 5 players, so make sure to get in for the one you want today!

Games will look to start at 12:00 PM!

Dungeons and Dragons w/ Taneal

Murkendraw Geographic Location in Tol - Shards of the Shattered Pact |  World Anvil

“Behold! The Fey-Swamp!”
The time before The Swamp feels like a half-remembered dream… Was there even a time before? Night falls, and day begins, and The Swamp surrounds you and your vaguely-familiar travel companions. Were we searching for the exit…?

Root: Talon Hill (Free RPG Day Exclusive) w/ J.T.

Preview: Root – The Tabletop RPG | Drop Lowest

In Root: The RPG, you and your friends take on the roles of wandering vagabonds—heroes, rogues, and adventurers who have the potential to change the fate of the Woodland—and you’ve recently arrived at Talon Hill!

5E: The Three Wizard Conundrum (Free RPG Day Exclusive) w/ Sean

Announcing Our Free RPG Day Releases!|Goodman Games

Word is 3 mighty wizards are looking for a band to retrieve a fabled ring of wizardry. Whichever wizard you choose, your trek leads to a place where magic almost died, and the mountain holds surprises not even the wizards are aware of…

And…..Sweet RPG-Inspired Sales + Freebies!
If it’s RPG-related, it’s 20% OFF!!!

20% Off All RPG Books!
20% Off Dice and Accessories (Cups, Trays, etc.)!
20% Off Reaper Miniatures!
20% Off WizKids Painted and Unpainted Fantasy Miniatures!

Anyone who purchases at least $25 in RPG-related products will also get a FREE WizKids unpainted miniature at checkout!


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