Free RPG Day Arrives – Saturday 6/24!

Free RPG Day is Almost Here!

Join us on Saturday, June 24th and help us celebrate Free RPG Day! There will be exclusive Free RPG Day swag, and a variety of one-shot RPG games to try in the afternoon!

Free RPG Day Swag Table

We will have tables filled with Free RPG Day goodies from a variety of the best publishers in the business! These items will be FREE for our customers to celebrate Free RPG Day (limit 1 of each item per customer). Check out some of the cool items that will be available HERE

Free RPG Games – Play Something New!

We will be running a variety of fun one-shot RPG adventures AND a special D&D Onslaught scenario during the afternoon! Some of these will be run using some of the never-before-seen Free RPG Day content. Check out the games we will be running below and sign-up to reserve your spot now!

Click the names to register for the game and reserve your spot! $10 will get you in for a whole session and will go straight to pay for our DM’s time! Each game will allow a maximum of 6 players, so make sure to get in for the one you want today!

Each game will run in two batches.

One group will start at 11:00 am and the second will begin at 2:00 pm!


Dungeons and Dragons w/ Taneal
An original one-shot adventure!

Embark on a captivating Dungeons & Dragons 5e one-shot adventure where the tapestry of fate is woven with the mystic powers of a tarot deck. In this thrilling tale, a group of intrepid heroes finds themselves drawn to the remote and mysterious town of Aridia. Guided by the enigmatic Tarot Master, they delve into the town’s secrets, their destiny dictated by the cards they draw. The ancient tarot deck becomes their map, and its arcane symbolism leads them deeper into a labyrinth, where the veil between the mortal realm and otherworldly forces thins. Will they unravel the town’s mysteries and emerge victorious, or succumb to the whims of fate? Only the shuffle of the cards holds the answer.

11:00 AM Slot (about 2 hours) ……. $10
2:00 PM Slot (about 2 hours) ……..$10

Pathfinder – A Few Flowers More w/ Gail
Free RPG Day Exclusive!

A hero’s work is never done! Especially when strange new plants start appearing in the woods—plants whose presence draws all manner of trespassers eager to take advantage of the sudden, mysterious bounty. But where are these plants coming from, and what sinister development in the heart of the forest does their arrival signify? Could it be the beginning of an invasion from another dimension… or something worse?

11:00 AM Slot (about 2 hours)……. $10
2:00 PM Slot (about 2 hours) ……..$10

Vampire: A Taste of the Moon w/ Shawn
Free RPG Day Exclusive!

A Taste of the Moon is a story for Vampire: The Masquerade best suited for a coterie of 4-6 neonate Anarchs. A new type of blood has created buzz among the local Kindred: Cherry Moon. Time to get your fill.

11:00 AM Slot (about 2 hours). $10
2:00 PM Slot (about 2 hours)..$10

BONUS EVENT! – Exclusive D&D Onslaught Scenario!
“Never Split the Party” w/ designer Nicholas Yu!

Co-op comes to D&D Onslaught! In the Never Split the Party scenario, four players cooperatively play as the monsters – and the adventurers are the enemy! Adventurer behavior is dictated by behavior cards, unlocking a new way to play the 12 characters from the core set. Only four slots available per game, so sign up now and reserve your spot!

11:00 AM Slot (about 1 hour)… $10
2:00 PM Slot (about 1 hour)…$10


We’ll see you on 6/24!


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